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This website is a way (although not a very sophisticated way) of getting hold of Fr Simon Rundell’s video work.

If you click on any of the files, you can preview the videos, and download them.

All of the resources here are placed here under the Creative Commons License.

The CCEL and Performing Rights Society have stated in the UK that when a copyrighted work is used in an act of worship for which no charge is made then they will not persue copyright. All Copyrighted materials used here are used in this spirit, but if any copyright holder objects to their material on this site, then please contact Fr. Simon and the material will be removed.

Welcome. Explore. Download. Remix and Share.

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Bonobo Kong (2010) 19/09/2021 1:14 am157.9M

Calling of the Disciples 19/09/2021 1:14 am173.8M